Welcome to CrowdWare

Our goal is to design, create and deliver free software to the crowd, based on your problems or ideas.
We are also going to create hardware solutions which helps to make this planet a better place.
We are thinking about solar destillation to create drinking water, magnet motor to create electricity (if possible at all) and we will design solutions for tiny houses.

We want everybody to be able to live a selfsustained life in peace and freedom on this wonderful planet.


If you want to help us to keep doing what we are doing, then you can become a extraordinary member and help with your membership fee.
As a member you are also allowed to use our software commercially.
Additionally you will get one or more sub domain(s), where you can create your own content, as long it is not violating the law in Austria.
A sample you can see here: art.crowdware.at
You can create your content using our CMS FlatSiteBuilder and you can host your content on Github Pages for free.
See here: https://github.com/CrowdWare/art

If you become a member you will also get a personal website designed by us for free. The landingpage and imprint.
For detail have a look here.


99,94 € Yearly

  • You will be listed as a member on this website
    (if you like).
  • 1 Sub-domain
  • 1 Website (max 3 hours)

We are supporting

sustained projects to make this world a better place.

Profits are being donated

The profit will not be payed out to anyone of our team instead it will be donated to projects that are willing to make this world a better place for us all.

One big goal is to buyout land to be protected against speculations.
Errect tiny villages. Small viallages with tiny houses, geodesic domes, jurts and the like where our members can live for free.
The idea comes from the UBUNTU movement from south afrika, where the people live without money, without barter and without trading.
In Germany we call it Tausch-Logik-Frei (exchange logic free).
So everyone in those communities do what they can, give what they have and get what they need.

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