Help Wanted

Help Wanted

To improve our products AnimationMaker, FlatSiteBuilder and EbookCreator and also new projects we are looking for help.

Our applications are written in C/C++ and Python using Qt5 and run on Linux. They are all open source and free to use.

And I am the only developer at the moment. Because of the fact that I want to bring great, free to use applications to Linux I want your help today because my time is limited and I am not able to implement all the features on my own. So I decided to also bring my apps to the commercial sector where we are able to get paid for what we are doing. Commercial sector means to bring the apps also to Windows and Mac Os. This will be a win-win situation. We as developers get paid and we are able to bring all of the new features to the open source community (Linux) for free.

Therefore I want to hire Python developers (Linux, Windows or MacOS), animators, testusers and marketeers. Even If you are new to this field your work will be valuable. Maybe I can teach you a bit QT. If you resonate with our ideas then don't hasitate to contact us.

At the moment we are not able to pay anyone but we will split up sales based on our already invested time. So each sale will be splitted until the development costs are payed out. Additional profits will not be payed out but will be donated to social projects like I stated on the homepage.

Our association is steered based on the model of Soziokratie.

But if you can get involved in such a way that you ensure that new members come into the association, then money will also come in, to be able to pay your wages.

We love sociocracy

the old organizational structures have had their day.


Our association is organized according to the sociocracy model.